Benefits / Advantages In India…

Benefits / advantages In India

Benefits of Medical Tourism in India….
Medical tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Number of people from around the world who have no medical insurance or those who lack the quality treatment facilities at home country, continue to rise in numbers and most of them choose to be cured at outside destinations. India is amongst the most popular and reliable International Medical Tourism destinations and is widely known for things like low-cost treatment, latest equipments, talented & experienced doctors and a home-like care. Here are major factors that make the health & wellness tourism sector of India one of the most sought after:

1. High success ratio of treatments compared to other developing nations.
2. Exceptionally reputed, highly skilled and devoted doctors.

3. Top-notch infrastructure, including facilities certified by the US based Organization JCI – the top certifier.
4. More than five to six times cheaper than counterpart medical tourism countries like Singapore, Thailand, and Turkey.
5. All in one package services available like visa assistance, accommodation, appointment and follow up for treatment, transportation facilities, post-operative care and sightseeing.

As per insights, multiple-entry medical visas & E-Visas are readily available for patients visiting India for their treatments.

Advantages of Medical Tourism in India
India, as a major healthcare centre, has one of the best qualified and skilled professionals in each and every field. This fact has now been realized the world over and hence, more and more patients are visiting India to get some of the best treatment options.
India, with its world-class facilities and technologies, is a very lucrative medical tourism destination for people wanting to undergo treatment for certain medical problems that do not need immediate emergency treatment. Some of the advantages of coming to India for medical treatment include:
1. Highly qualified physicians, surgeons and support staff
2. Internationally accredited medical facilities
3. High-end and modern technologies
4. Treatment costs lower than the US and the UK by at least 60-80%
5. No waiting list
6. English-speaking staff
7. A destination for alternative therapies such as Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation, and Therapeutic Massage.